Wednesday news bites for June 4, 2008

Jamie Oliver calls for sex ban to get men cooking
Jamie Oliver runs neck and neck with Gordon Ramsay for Crazy-ass British Chef award

The Trouble with Teflon
What you're cooking with could kill you?

The World on a Plate: A Tour Through the History of America's Ethnic Quisine
Denker, a professor and food writer, assembles oral histories of various immigrant endeavors in the food industries of America.

The Perfect Hate Storm: Malkin vs. Rachel Ray and Dunkin' Donuts
Evidence of a few zealots willing to follow the retarded. Dunkin' Donuts should have called foul on Malkin and been done with it.

German Dairy Farmers Now On Strike
And pouring food down the drain :(

Farmers Market Search Page
USDA provides interactive listing of farmers' markets close to you

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