Wednesday news bites for May 14, 2008

Burger King stalls on increasing tomato pickers' salaries
Seems they can't afford an extra penny per pound

Burger King fires 2 after blog controversy
Don't say nasty things about farm labor if you're currently involved in a labor dispute. Especially if it's over a penny

Change we can stomach
Small, diversified farming is the way to a sustainable future.

Salmon gone, fishermen try to adapt to change
Oregon salmon farmers must face a singular, bitter fact: their livelihood has disapeared

How to reduce your food costs in 60 minutes a week
Quick tips on further reducing your food budget

CAFO paper pushing
Our worst fears confirmed - feeding confined animals on an industrial scale breeds bad news

A man of taste
A wonderful piece from The New Yorker about Grant Achatz's drive, love and knowledge of food, and the slow journey back from stage IV mouth cancer

Ramsay's war on out-of-season produce
Clearly crazy, the dude's heart seems in the right place on this one.

Foodie Reading List
I've been on a real food-related reading kick myself. Recommendations? Please let me know in the comment area.

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