Recipe tweak: an update on earthy, crunchy granola bars

Earthy Crunchy Granola

Some readers wrote to me with questions about the granola bar recipe, concerned there wasn't enough binding material to hold the mixture together. They were right, and I thank each one from the bottom of my heart for showing up, reading, and being an active participant in this food blog.

I'm not a cook. Not really. I'm just a dad who likes making food and eating it with my wife and daughter. I'm still learning, experimenting. And sometimes failing (I'm working on a post about chicken stock. Epic FAIL). Luckily, the lack of binding material didn't ruin the ingredients and readers were able to mix the resulting granola (kind of moist, kind of chewy) with yogurt or serve it for breakfast with milk (that's actually one of the best things about cooking, I think. When you can take something that's not quite working and adapt it to suit a different set of needs? Awesome).

Anyway, I had some time this weekend to think about the recipe, mess with the ratio of sugar to honey, and I think I came up with a suitable fix:

1/2 cup honey to 1/3 cup sugar

I'll say right now this might need some tweaking, but it seems to work rather well. If anything, I would advise adding a little more honey. Too much sugar, and the bars end up too hard and brittle for my taste.

So that's the recipe tweak. If you try a recipe here and have suggestions for improvements, tweaks, or just want to tell me it didn't work at all, I'd love to hear from you! And for those who have written, left comments or given me words of encouragement? I thank you, thank you, thank you.


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