2006 Rare Bird pinot noir


Color: Like many a pinot noir, the Rare Bird pinot is a lustrous, translucent ruby fading to salmon at the edges
Nose: Very fresh smelling with hints of cranberry, earth, greenery and slight flowery overtones
Palate: Wonderful, light mouth feel with good but not strong tannins. Excellent flavors of fruit with no overpowering alcohol heat
Finish: Sweeping and clean with few lingering flavors

This is a marvelous little wine that's versatile enough to be paired with many different meals from soups and pastas to sandwiches, roasted chicken, and some grilled steaks.. It probably wouldn't stand up to heavier meals, like bbq or steak au poive, but as an everyday wine to have with most meals, this is a delicious, affordable wine that many will enjoy.


ssmitty said...

can you tell me where to buy this wine? my e-m is, smittyhold@aol.com thanks, joe

Michael said...

You can buy it at Publix In the Miami area