Tasting Notes: 2005 Paringa Shiraz, South Australia

2005 Paringa Shiraz, South Australia

Color: Deep, inky red. Nearly purple
Nose: Definite fruits, such as cherry, and a lingering sweet smell not unreminiscent of grape soda. Underlying earth, pepper and spice scents create a full wine experience.
Palate: Big, bold wine. Some alcohol heat, but a solid structure with well-formed tannins and strong fruit flavors. This wine isn't for the timid, but it's perfectly drinkable and not nearly as bold as some old-vine zin I've had in the same price range.
Finish: The tannins sweep the mouth but leave a slight, lingering fruit that really activates the salivary glands and leaves you wanting another sip or another bite.

This was a fine food wine that could be paired with a wide rang of dishes from grilled or roasted chicken to seared salmon and even some steaks. If your meal is incredibly rich, I'd suggest going for something with a more solid structure, though the 2005 Paringa Shiraz's lithe mouth feel and strong tannins should not be overlooked. And it's considerably better than many other wines in its price range.


christie said...

Hurray for Aussie wines! (Not bias or anything, hehe)

Greg Turner said...

Christie: Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! If you have any other recommendations, I'd love to hear them