Sandwich Artist #1

Years ago, USA Today wrote up a small article about the Fat Darrell, voted America's best sandwich. My friend and I got to talking, and what followed was an onslaught of sandwiches too good to be put into the hands of mere mortals. But now, I provide to you transcripts of our conversations that occurred over an afternoon via Instant Messenger: Sandwich #1 Sandwich Artist: my goodness man Sandwich Artist: this is what america does Sandwich Artist: create fat fucking sandwiches Greg Turner: What would your ultimate sandwich have in it? Sandwich Artist: hmmmm...well, gravy #1 Sandwich Artist: heavy sour dough roll Sandwich Artist: cause it would need to hold the gravy Sandwich Artist: ribeye steak, mashed potatoes and bacon Sandwich Artist: and provolone cheese Sandwich Artist: melted on the top, to give it a cap that kinda holds things in Greg Turner: an excellent sandwich An excellent sandwich indeed.

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