Fried coke

Leave it to the fair folks: fried cola. It sounds like Abel Gonzales, the fellow who invented this new treat, used Coca-Cola in his concoction, but I'm sure Pepsi or maybe even RC (Royal Crown) would do. Beyond that, the cook would be getting into value colas, and they never taste quite like they should.

Also, it's not quite as inventive as it first sounds. He didn't fry cola in its liquid form, which is something Ferran Adria just might be working on. No, this denizen of the midway instead fried up solidified Coke syrup mixed with strawberries. I've no doubt it tastes delicious. Pretty much anything covered in cinnamon sugar and whipped cream is going to taste good. The question is, do we need another fried food? Do we need one more sugary snack dumped into 16-ounce Solo cups and served to a population already struggling with weight? I wonder, should you find the fried coke stand, if you can oder one, served atop a thin glaze of chocolate sauce, sprinkled with mint and topped with a dot of whipped cream, all on a pristine white plate? My guess is you'll have three choices: large, jumbo, and 'kill you dead.'

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