Pairing Wine and Music

Alan Baker, the Cellar Rat, has a good post (and podcast) about Uncorked & Unplugged, a wine & music pairing event currently on tour
I’m a music geek, always looking for new music, and I still spend way too much money on CDs. And I totally think that the passion for good wine and the passion for music comes from a similar place inside us. And both can cause you to jabber on for hours with others who may have the same reaction, or as often is the case, those who want to debate the merit of your opinion. *** I have to say that this event got me thinking more about how these two worlds can more easily integrate. Will rock clubs start to build decent wine lists? Can they possible cater to a picky wine crowd that knows at what temperature a wine should be served? Can they keep their help, and maybe more importantly, bands, from walking off with cases of wine? I think as fine wine works it’s way into the margins of our society we’ll see more events like this, and interesting new venues for enjoying wine. I’m all for it, and encourage you to check out these types of events, to see if we can help drive this forward so we have more opportunities to enjoy decent wine in interesting new venues.
If some of the local hipster hangouts are any indication about proper serving temperature, I'll hazard a guess the wine won't be properly chilled. "Room temperature" means something very different behind the bar in your local hangout than it does in a French wine cellar. However, I'm glad to see the two worlds beginning to mesh. It will remove some of wine's mystique, but will provide all of us with more and better information about good wines, good values, and (hopefully) good music.

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Rai-mon said...

I actually started a blog and event called wine&beats. Seems like there are some like minds doing the same thing around the country right now. Good to see and very exciting!